How To Attract Your Ideal Prospects Using Strategic Omni-Presence And The New Smarter Way For Creating And Scaling A Membership Business

This blueprint is loaded with information, but it was not designed as comprehensive "start to finish" material.

It is the blueprint we use internally, with every single private client who works with us, to create their Lead Generation System.

You’ll get MUCH more out of this checklist if you follow along with our "Strategic Omni Presence" training presentation that goes with it.

The presentation has examples, stories and a lot more detail that will help explain how all of these pieces fit together.

Before we dive into the training you’ll hear me talk a LOT about the New Smarter Way and how we use it as our ethos here at The The Training Vault.

The New Smarter Way for Membership businesses encompasses everything we do in our business and the clients we work with.

I made my first sale online back in May 1998 and went onto to build several successful Information Based Online Businesses in various niche markets selling both digital and physical products plus workshops, masterminds and coaching programs.

I launched my first membership site in 2003 having published printed (yes paper and ink) subscription newsletters back in the mid 90's

Each of these businesses was built using what I call the OLD WAY.

Now, the old way isn't obsolete, it's just that it's ... old.

It's old in how it approaches a market, uses old marketing tactics; still uses old conversion methods to sell products & services and uses an old way to deliver those products and services that is not ideal for you or your customers and clients.

Today we use the The New Smarter Way to help us develop each part of a successful Membership Based Business (A business where you use your Knowledge, Skills, Experience or Expertise to help others)

The Membership Business Blueprint

The New Smarter Way for creating a successful Membership business focuses on:

1) Attracting your ideal prospects who come ready to buy not defensive expecting to be hard sold to.

2) Converting those prospects into happy paying members creating raving fans of yours.

3) And Retains your happy members using the power of the Membership 4C's which frees up your time, gets the results your members are expecting and enables you to scale your membership business without feeling overwhelmed in the process.

In this blueprint we’ll look at the ATTRACT part of the New Smarter Way.

Before we do that let me explain why the Old Way is working less effectively than it did so you can recognise it and change the way you market in your business quickly.

The Old Way

As I’ve said before the Old Way is not yet obsolete; it’s just that it’s getting ... old.

For example. If you use Paid Advertising you’ll know doubt have noticed the rising ad costs across all the traffic networks?

These rising costs have led to more and more aggressive campaigns as advertisers try to wrestle out an immediate return on their advertising costs.

We see the use of hype and bigger and bigger claims used to stand out in the market; plus the introduction of false scarcity such as countdown timers that reset and product limits that never seem to run out!

And when you do buy a product you’re hit by offer after offer after offer including various up-sells, down-sells, cross-sells and more before you even get to receive the product you’ve paid for!

The Content Marketing conundrum doesn’t offer much help either.

Attractive because you don’t have to pay for traffic and driven by the mantra ‘You have to be EVERYWHERE online’ ultimately leads to overwhelm and burn out due to the amount of content people THINK they need to produce and put out online.

The list is exhausting when you consider what some people are telling you to do...

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Daily YouTube Videos
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Live Streams
  • Tweets
  • Instagram
  • Guest Posts
  • Write A Best Selling Book
  • Webinars
  • Video Series
  • Podcasts

No wonder people are overwhelmed, exhausted and burning out looking at everything on that list!

Here’s a secret.

All of the above do work when deployed the right way, at the right time in the right market.

But NEVER all at once, or even a few of them at once!

In fact we created a multiple six figure online business using just ONE marketing channel in less than 12 months.

With Strategic Omni Presence we focus on APPEARING to be everywhere to our ideal prospect; and we can do that with just 3 to 6 pieces of strategic content.

But what if you don’t run paid ads or use content marketing and use Joint Ventures & Affiliates?

Let’s look at affiliates first and the cold hard truth.

You may have heard of the 80/20 rule?

With affiliates it’s more like 95/5, with just 5% of your affiliates actually mailing and promoting for you. And that’s the COLD hard truth of the matter that’s never spoken about.

With Joint Ventures, these are fantastic, if you have the relationship with people to pull them off.

Most people approach recruiting JV’s by begging, bugging, cajoling and prodding to try and get them to promote for them.

In most cases this won’t work.

But, if you do have people mail for you then remember this. When someone promotes for you, you are EXPECTED to do a reciprocal promotion for them.

No matter how good or poor their product is, their customer service and whether they care about the results their customer get or not.

Each of the marketing techniques above still work, HOWEVER, they are becoming less and less effective as the OLD WAY becomes harder to use and get decent results from.

When using the New Smarter Way we ask ourselves two driving factors.

1) Does what I do help my member reach the result/outcome they want AND I’m promising them?

2) Does what I do help me create a business that works for ME, is profit driven AND fulfils our member values?

Using The New Smarter Way To Attract Your Ideal Prospects
Who Come Ready and Happy To Join Your Site

The New Smarter Way to market and attract your ideal prospects is to use Strategic Omni Presence which is the...

Appearance Of Being Everywhere Online To Your Ideal Prospects

The reason we use this process is because not everyone is ready to buy from you, or join your site, on their first contact with you and your business.

Most marketing I see online is geared towards making the sale immediately which is wasting at least 95% of the potential you have to make sales and bring in new members in an ongoing process.

Let me explain using the Circle of Influence

The Outer Circle is full of people who are unaware of you. They’ve never heard of you, your products or what you can do for them. In many cases they are not fully aware of the problem they have or the answers they are looking for.

They’re happily surfing the internet, scrolling their social media feed blissfully unaware that you are the person who can help them, who can solve their problems, answer their questions or get them to where they want to be.

The Middle Circle contains people who are aware of the problem they have or the answers they are seeking. They have heard of you to varying degrees.

They may have seen your advert, watched or read your content, they may be on your email list and read your emails on occasions.

However they’re still not sure IF you’re the person who can help them.

There’s still a slight disconnect, whether that be a know, like or trust issue; they’re just not ready to cross the finishing line to buy from you or join your membership site.

The Inner Circle are people who are ready to join RIGHT NOW.

They are ready to take ACTION

They want what you have

They know you have the solution

They know you can help them

And they’re whipping out their credit card to buy from you and join your membership site.

Don’t Be Like Most Marketers Online

Most marketers online are marketing and appealing to people who are already in the Action Circle because they are the easiest to sell to and give what seem like ‘quick wins’; however this is the smallest proportion of your market and you’re missing out on a BIG opportunity in your overall market.

People can come into your business at any point within the Circle if Influence, however, most people who you can help are in the UNAWARE circle and therefore need to be moved from unaware, to aware and then to action.

Secret #2 This doesn’t need to take weeks or months of ‘warming them up’ before they buy from you. It can take just days and in some cases you can move someone from unaware to action within 24 hours.

Here’s how.

Remember this first:

Strategic Omni Presence is the...

'Appearance of being everywhere
to your target market'

Would you like a step by step blueprint of the first omni presence campaign I give to all my clients?

A campaign that creates an invisible audience of people and moves them from unaware, to aware and then to action quickly whilst providing great value, education and inspiration to your ideal prospects.

It’s aim is to:

1) Provide valuable and actionable information to your ideal prospects

2) Seed your authority

3) Build know and like and trust quickly

4) Create the desire to want more from you (join your site and buy your products)

Click Here to access the campaign blueprint AND bonus video showing you how to implement YOUR first strategic omni-presence campaign.