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Can I Mail You a Letter About a
Highly Exclusive Opportunity?

The Doors Are Now Open To My Elite Mentor Program and

I’m Looking for a Handful of “Dream Clients”

To Personally Mentor Over The Next 12 Months. 

I’m looking for a handful of people that I can bring massive windfalls in for, over the next 12 months.

If that’s you, then I’ll personally work with you, mentor you and show you how to scale your membership site business.

But this new high-level program isn’t for everybody.

I’m looking for people that are dedicated to learn, are hungry to grow and know that by personally working with me they’ll accelerate their knowledge and skills.

If you believe that this program is what you’ve been waiting for, and you’d like to receive my letter that thoroughly explains the opportunity, then complete the application form below.

I’ll review your answers and if I believe that you’re one of the “Dream Clients” that I’m looking for, then I’ll mail you the letter over the next few days.

PLEASE NOTE: This application form is solely to receive the letter – you’re not signing up for any program or making any form of agreement.

This Program Is Currently Full

If you'd like to to be considered for The Mastermind please send an email to support@thetrainingvault.com with the words 'Mastermind Wait List'

This will place you on the waitlist ONLY and you'll receive an email notification when we open up again.