3 Core Systems

Our philosophy is based around three core systems that every successful online business uses.

To create a business you can scale you need to have a system in place that attracts your perfect prospect; someone who comes to you ready and willing to buy what you offer and NOT defensive expecting to be hard sold to.

Next is a system that converts these perfect prospects into happy paying customers and clients in such a way that it is a natural process to you AND your new customer.

And finally a system that delivers what you offer in such a way it makes an impact in your market, gets the result or outcome your customer wants from you AND enables you to grow your business without stress or overwhelm.

Alongside the three systems, you also need in place within your business, a culture where everyone is focused on delivering a transformational experience for your customers, members and clients.

This comes from having:

INTEGRITY in what you do (even if it means telling some potential customers you are not the best solution for what they want.)

IMPACT for your customers so they achieve the results or outcome they come to you for.

WORLD CLASS SUPPORT for the needs of your customers, members and clients.

Listen, it’s not good enough in today’s world to just teach how to do something.

You want someone to walk you through the entire process and by doing this means you will make an impact in your market.

Old Way Versus New Way

The New Smarter Way

Neil Stafford has been selling online since May 1998.

His first sale was for an oil painting (he wasn’t the artist and partnered up with a friend)!

His first ‘info product’ sale came in early 1999 and was for a Printed Manual with 4 Cassette Tapes! (Remember them?)

He has since gone on to sell millions of Pounds and Dollars worth of info products and services ranging from physical & digital training products to online programs, membership sites, workshops, coaching programs and Masterminds.

He’s done this in markets as diverse as hobby markets, niche interests and business markets; he now uses his experience to help, coach and train other ambitious entrepreneurs who want to use their knowledge, skills, experience or expertise to create their own online digital businesses.

Up until 2016 Neil used what he describers as the ‘Old Way’ to create and market businesses online.

The ‘Old Way’ isn’t obsolete, it’s just ...old and becoming less effective for those using it.

CLICK HERE to watch a free mini workshop where Neil details the Old Way and its ineffectiveness then how to use The New Smarter Way to create and scale online businesses.

The New Smarter Way is a FULL philosophy for running a successful online business.

It takes into account the IDEAL way for you to run your business AND how you get results for your customers, clients and members.

Click Here to watch the free mini training on the New Smarter Way.

To Work With Us

1. Don’t Work With Us If You Are Looking For Get Rich Quick.

When we work with you we make your journey easier and give you all the help, support and training you need, BUT success takes a lot of hard work. There is a price to pay and that price is effort and, metaphorically, ‘blood, sweat and tears’. If you believe in something for nothing then we can not help you.

Every successful entrepreneur we work, and have worked with, is an extraordinary ambitious individual.

They showed up every day, listened to the direction and feedback given and got to work. They pushed on past the set backs, they showed up when it felt easier to back down and they were determined to succeed.

There’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick or easy’ in the real world.

2. Don’t Work With Us If You Can’t Bring Any Knowledge, Skills, Experience or Expertise To Your Business.

Over the past 21+ years Neil Stafford has heard on many occasions from people who have said (in their words) "I don’t know what to sell I just want to make money online".

Unless you can offer something of value, that can actually help other people, then it maybe worth you looking elsewhere or developing the knowledge/skills to help others before you come to sell it.

We’ve worked with people who have sold products into the big markets such as health and fitness, diets, Business, Finance, Coaching, Non-Fiction Authors and Personal Development; right through to niche, sport and hobby markets including some weird and wonderful niches!

However, every single person created products and services to help their customers get the results they were looking, find the answers they were seeking or achieve the outcome they wanted.

All this was achieved using their own knowledge, skills, experience or expertise and were committed to mastering their chosen area.

3. This Is IMPORTANT. Don’t Work With Us Unless You Are 100% Committed to Helping Your Customers, Members & Clients Get The Results They Are Looking For.

As part of the ‘New Smarter Way’ philosophy we ALWAYS ask this question:

Is what I’m doing in the best interests of my customer and will it help them achieve what they are looking for?

You see, by taking the focus off what we can 'get' and put the focus on helping our customers and clients achieve their goals, we ultimately reach our goals.

And we will expect you to do the same.

By using the New Smarter Way it enables you work with your ideal customers, charge higher prices for your products and services and give out of this world customer support.

We have clients who originally came to us wanting to offer a $50 product that we helped change into an offer where they charged a MINIMUM of $300 up to $3000 on a first time purchase.

Not only did they make more sales and profit, they attracted better quality customers who used their products, got exceptional results and became raving fans/customers for life.

Instead of using multi-step complex sales funnels with several up-sells, down-sells and cross-sells, where the focus is on how much revenue you can ‘extract up front’, we use campaigns that attract your perfect prospect, who happily buy your higher priced products and services and then get the results they are looking for.

This all comes back to being 100% committed to helping your customers and long term relationships.

Neil Stafford On Stage

Who We Are For

We work with what I call Information Businesses or InfoPreneurs.

People who use their knowledge, skills, experience or expertise and want to package that up into products, programs, courses, membership sites, coaching programs etc.

You may have a passion or gift that you want to share that can change people’s lives.

You may be a coach, speaker or expert provider who wants to create an additional online revenue stream in their business... or a brand new business.

Alongside this you MUST also be coachable, determined, resourceful and above all else, committed to growing your business, helping others and changing lives along the way with your products, programs and services.

If that’s you, then take a look at our complimentary training on this site and when you’re ready to move forward book your Accelerator Call Here