There's one thing that being in business for over 22 years gives you.... a LOT of customer feedback, positive comments and testimonials.

This page contains a 'growing' portion of those comments; we'll continue to add more as we receive them and look back in the files to add previous customer feedback to the page..

UNLIKE other sites who only post the comments from people making 'X' or achieving 'Y' you'll see comments from people who've had help in different areas, how they found the training including the support they received.

Yes, making 100k in a month is a FANTASTIC achievement and we'll shout it form the rooftops when you reach that. 

We'll also give you a virtual high five when you launch your first campaign, get your first member, make your first sale and reach one of your own personal goals.

Success is personal and we'll champion what's important to YOU.

CASE STUDY - What was originally going to be a 5 to 10 minute chat turned into a full blown case study on how Paul took an idea to launch to constant members coming in AND then a BIG positive.

In this case study you'll see how he took an idea to launch where he didn't produce the content, didn't format his content, didn't send out the content to his subscribers himself AND then got paid a big sum along the way!


Interview with Peter Robson who helps people change and find their dream career. Peter came with little online knowledge BUT a wealth of knowledge in his field. After floundering around online he took the plunge and came on board as client.

We worked to identify his ideal client, set up his funnel and campaigns with him and he put the work in. His first sale online was for his program priced at £1750 / $2100! As this business grew AND with the 2020 pandemic, Peter identified 2 other opportunities for his business. Listen as he talks about the process

Jim K.

Since joining Neil Stafford's Elite Mentor Program 6 weeks ago I have made more progress than in the last 10 years on my own. The accountability he provides really keeps me focused and on track.

He has approached the project with a presumption that we will succeed, and that confidence has cascaded down to me, and led me to believe that I really can be successful as a product creator and information publisher.

I have just completed module one of my 8 module project. This has involved shooting 10 video segments which is something I have never done before. It has been an incredible learning experience, and the following modules will be completed much faster now that I know what I am doing.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Elite Mentor Program to anyone who is sick of getting nowhere by themselves and is ready for success.

Alison R.

Just a little note Neil to thank you for yesterday.

I was exhausted last night but my head was buzzing with the ideas we discussed and I felt a massive sense of relief at having found someone to work with who was just so reassuring and positive.

Of course, as a coach/mentor you need to have a stellar background and tons of experience [which you have in spades], but for me its also important to work with someone I can trust to advise me to do the right thing and to really explore my business with me.

Elisha F.

I never thought I could make sales online any day, let alone a first online sale in less than 6 weeks. But with Neil Stafford’s mentorship and coaching this has become possible. I’ve made my first online sale. Joyously incredible.

I have tried before, 7 years ago (2011) and failed. I abandoned the project to set up my own online business to coach, mentor and help people learn to write for grants.

When I read about Neil Stafford’s mentorship programme, I reluctantly decided to make another attempt. Believe me, it was worth the try. This was one of the right decisions I’ve ever taken in my life.

In a very short time, I was able to set up my own online grant writing business. I developed a lead magnet, an online course, two eBooks and bonus literature. I met with Neil for a one day, in person, one-on-one briefing at a top Hotel in London. Here we mapped out the process of setting up my business online.

From then on, Neil Stafford literally held my hand till I made my first sale. We meet regularly on the internet using skype. He gives me specific instructions to follow. We discuss what I should write about to achieve my goals. I worked in the week on assignments Neil will give me to which he provides constructive feedback. Neil led me in the right direction and gave the right steps to follow.

Neil helped to set up my website and sales funnels. He then taught me how to drive traffic, how to write the initial and follow up emails and how to market my products. He supported me with videos, emails and other literature.

Neil has helped to set me up in a business I have passion, knowledge and experience in. But he is not abandoning me at this stage. He is there for me on any day and time through email or skype. He gave me everything I need to become successful in setting up myself online.

Now the way is clear for me. I know what to do to make money online. I’ll follow Neil’s instructions week by week, to get myself out there and attract customers, clients and paying members into my programme to invest in my products.

Before, I thought making money online was a myth. Now I know anyone can do it easily when you have somebody like Neil Stafford as your guide, mentor and coach. He positively relates to the mentee. His teachings and instructions are specific, very clear to follow.

I will always recommend Neil Stafford to anyone who wants to learn how to set up a business online. You will not regret. You’ll accomplish your goal in less time that you think.

Emma S.

Neil is a master at memberships and strategy. From the consulting day I had we laser focused in on what I needed to do to grow my members and monthly profit. And how to implement it for maximum impact and return. If Neil says do something, don't question it, just do it!

John B.

As a Trainer myself for some 20+ years I am extremely impressed with the training resources provided, they are a enjoyable clear, easy to follow step by step process that encourages you to do the exercises and move on to the next stage - for someone who has a relationship with computers akin to electric and water, I have now been given the confidence to grow my Internet Business - that speaks volumes just how good the training resources are!!

Rebecca A.

Just want to say a huge thank you again for what has been an incredible year in the Mastermind Group.

Your encouragement, inspiration, hard work and patience have been incredible and I appreciate everything you have put in to helping us as a group, it goes light years beyond anything I have ever seen or experienced in the internet marketing field.

Chris H


It’s so good to get the "expert" view. i.e. someone who has actually done it, and is still doing it, successfully too. There is no substitute for that.

It can be a lonely business, and a friendly voice with good sound advice is invaluable.

Personally I gained some very good advice on adwords, and marketing in general. An absolute minefield if you are unsure of what you are doing. It made me feel much more confident, and I have some sensible practical “to-do” points to be getting on with, which I have already started on.

Bernard D


Anyone who is considering a consultation, hurry up and book it. I would say that the major benefit is increased personal confidence and subject clarity, plus clear direction.

I would also say that to move forward in the ebook business, you absolutely need the benefit of concise education that Neil is able and willing to give, which will greatly speed up the whole accuracy and processes involved, also doing away with the possibility of failure.

This is very positive and uplifting which in turn spurs you on to greater effort.

Roy L


Extremely interesting as it helped to reinforce two or three points that possibly had been overlooked by me.

It also gives confidence to one working on their own to know that there is friendly "live" help available – a very rare thing on the internet in these days of automation.

I would encourage anyone to book a short consultation as a few minutes will possibly solve any outstanding queries one might have.

Mike L

Streetly, UK

The Most Sincere and Committed People Its Been My Pleasure To Work With.

I guess I am just echoing what everyone else, who bought the course are saying, wow!! Talk about over delivered. (You) are the most sincere and committed group of people it has been my pleasure to work with. The time and effort put into the setting up, and delivery of this information must have been immense.

All in all a fantastic real value for money course for anyone wanting to break into the information marketing business, and just to say "thank you" doesn’t seem enough.

David D


(Now living in Spain!)

As normal Neil was able to identify very quickly the areas we could work on and get the best results after ascertaining what I was doing on the web and what my aspirations were.

I appreciated the clear cut plan that was laid out for me to follow and would recommend without hesitation anyone who want honest advise from a guy who has been there but has not forgotten how he has got where he is, honest forthright, friendly and an excellent guide.

Someone who you feel you want to keep within your circle of influence as he is always adds to your life and never takes from it.

Stuart K


I really am impressed with the fact that you were prepared to listen, and find out whereabouts I am on the Internet marketing road map, this alone in my mind separates you from 99% of the Internet marketing gurus, who are busy pedaling courses of a one size fits all. I have a bookcase full of how to make money on the internet of which there is no doubt a lot of valuable information, but for me and I suspect many others, I have not got the time, to endlessly search through this information to find the answer to a particular road block.

But more importantly know, which is the right answer to my situation.

I feel I have struck gold with this course as you have been prepared to adjust the course to deal with the areas that I need most help with, together we have isolated my personal roadblocks and I can now focus totally on these specific areas with the confidence that I am not wasting time in a direction that will not bring results.

Neil M

If you want to build a very profitable internet based, information marketing business QUICKLY...

...all you need to do is follow what Neil tells you and you can't go wrong.

Going Back In Time

When you've been in business for a while (OK, a long time like I have!) you collect a LOT of feedback and testimonials!

All the above are recent testimonials and client feedback, however below are a collection of comments and feedback stretching back 20+ years. The first is a video of attendee feedback from an event and workshop I ran with an old business partner back in 2012.

All new client feedback will be above and the older communication will be down here.

Karen and I have identified over 2000(!) comments we can use going right back to January 2001 for the 'training and teaching' market and back to 1998 for customer comments in the niche markets we sold into... I'll be adding these over the coming weeks and months

This video collection of feedback is from 2012; taken from an event I ran with an old business partner...