Get Clear On What You Don’t Want

If you ask people, who has their goals and plans written down for their business (and life) I guarantee only a handful will answer yes.

If I ask, who is clear on what they DON’T want and has it written down, I’ll be lucky to get one person.

There’s so much focus on what we want.

How many members?

How much revenue?

What profit margin do we want?

We can sometimes get lost along the way, and end up doing things we DON’T want to do to achieve it!

For example

I don’t want to spend my time doing disguised strategy calls that are really sales calls.

For my Power Days I send people all the info they need to make a decision when they ask for it.

Only when they say ‘yes’ do we have a call (and this is to make sure I can get them the result they want from the day.)

A Boardroom Member (In my Membership Mastermind) doesn’t like giving up his time (he has a personal family reason for this)

So he only personally hosts one live Q&A a month and the other live interactions are run by an experienced person on his team.

His members know this before they join.

Listen, if there are things you don’t like doing

Or don’t want to do in your membership.

Then don’t do them!

Your homework today is?

Make a list of what you don’t want to do

And either design or re-design your business so it fits to what you want.


Have fun doing it!