Seven Months Off?

This year from May/June I decided to scale back and take some time off.

Heck I’ve been selling online for 25 years this year, that’s a long time!


It was sort of forced (well at the beginning it was).

Back in April I got covid for the first time.

I wasn’t ill as such, just got really tired

Lots of brain fog

And it took me a while to get back up to any sort of feeling ‘normal’.

So I thought, what the heck.

Let’s not fight it.

Go with the flow.

In the summer I decided to take a step back

And take time to recover fully AND decide what I wanted to do over the coming few years.

During the last few months I worked with only a handful of long time clients

(I told them my thoughts, reasoning and why. PLUS, I told them I wasn’t 100% – they all understood and still wanted to keep working together)

I closed down one membership site I had.

(There’s a story there for another day, but in a nutshell, even with my experience, I completely messed up the offer and what was provided for the fee charged. IE I was too low a fee for what members got from me! I’ll reveal more and what my plan is for that site in the comng months)

I divested, and sold, a couple of other (offline) business interests I had, freeing up a LOT of time and going down to zero hassles!

And the big one…

Karen and I decided to puruse a long held plan we had to move to a completely differnet part of the country (That’s in full swing at the moment – more to follow)

What’s All This Got To do With YOU?


First, I want you to realise that BECAUSE of my business, and specifically recurring revenue, I could take this time off.

This should be motivation enough for you to keep going in your business if times are tough at the moment.

Second, develop your membership site and recurring reveune.

Although I shut one membership, I still have asubscrption business and a long running membership site that is 90% hands off.

Content is on a weekly time delivered schedule.

The marketing simple – opt ins and auto email campaigns.

Any work done on the site is admin and customer support.

Here’s the BIG benefit for you for the rest of 2023 and going into 2024.

During this down time I took the time to decide what I really want to do for the next few years.

There’s so much opportunity in the world (even today) it’s easy to get distratced

However, my focus is now soley on helping membership site owners attract, convert and retain more members.

No side projects.

No outside business investments.

It’s staying focused on what I am world class at.

On a topic I simply throughly enjoy being immersed in.

Which means…

If you have a membership site

And want to grow that as a business

You’re in the right place.

Later this week I’ll reveal my new YouTube Channel with over 25 videos (already) focused on growing your membership business.

I’ll show you the new content and training we have for membership site owners

I think you’ll be very (pleasently) suprised at how much free content we’re giving away to help you in your membership business.


How I’ve started a new membership in a niche market (non-business related) which will be my show piece for people I’m working with (I’ll reveal EVREYTHING I’m doing to grow this business)

And a relaunch of a training specifically for membership site owners

But for now

I think this post is long enough for today!

I hope it’s inspired you to make plans and grow your business in 2024

AND grow it the way YOU want it to be.

Watch this space